My (ABCs)

A. My Assorted Intellectual and Research Interests: 

Individual Arguments, Articles, or Concepts

“The Argument from Desire” (as made popular) by C.S. Lewis
“The Incompatible Properties Argument” by Theodore Drange
“The Principle of Credulity and Religious Experience” by Michael Martin

Philosophical Systems that I am either openly sympathetic to or passionate about:

Existentialism; Collectivism; Humanism; Fallibilism; Perspectivism; Reliabilism; Communism; Socialism; Social Constructivism; Consequentialism; Agnosticism; Pandeism/Pantheism; Moral Non-Cognitivism; Emotivism; Projectivism; Fictionalism; Moral Anti-Realism; Scientific Realism; Naturalism; Methodological Naturalism


    • Ethics
    • Metaethics
    • Political Philosophy
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Philosophy of Science

B. My (auto)Biography
I grew up in a small town called Corsicana, about an hour and some change south of Dallas. My Mom’s side of the family originally came from Iowa. My Dad’s side of the family, however, came from Iran. Growing up, I was constantly involved with sports — soccer, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, and even hacky-sack. I stuck with tennis from middle school until I graduated high school, considering even playing in college for a bit. Ultimately I decided against it though, wanting to focus on my academics. 

I graduated from St. Edward’s University (SEU) in August of 2013 with my Bachelor’s in Global Studies [Geographic Specialization: Europe, Thematic Specialization: Conflict Resolution & Peacekeeping] as well as Minors in both Spanish and Philosophy. As a result, I am fluent in Spanish and French (in addition to English). 

Just a few years later in May of 2018, I doubled-up and earned my Master’s in Philosophy [Specialization: Ethics] from SEU. Most of my coursework was focused on Ethics writ large, including: Meta-Ethics, Ethics of Disability, Business Ethics, and Legal Ethics.

Despite that focus, my Master’s thesis was actually focused on the Demarcation Problem (within the Philosophy of Science) and was entitled “The Pseudo-Death of the Demarcation Problem: An Analysis of the Concentric Circle Model of Demarcation (CCMD).” 

Currently, my goals are to prepare for a PhD program in Philosophy in hopes of eventually teaching and doing original research. 

When I am not nerding out over philosophy, you can typically find me: watching or playing tennis/soccer/basketball/ping-pong/hacky-sack/etc., watching movies (especially foreign films!), playing video games (Madden, FIFA, WatchDogs, Mortal Kombat, Halo, etc.) and taking long, uninterrupted naps. 

C. My Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae (last updated Fall 2021)

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